Fatcalf offers tailored film and video production services to companies, charities and individuals looking to create compelling video content to promote themselves, their heart, their goods, their services or brand message.

Fatcalf Cornish Arms
Showcase film for the Cornish Arms website
Fatcalf Video Production
5 x individual films for Hansford Bell Chartered Accountants
Fatcalf Russell Baylis sponsorship
Film for a sponsorship bid to raise money for kids in Zimbabwe
Fatcalf Falkland Islands
Centrepiece film for the '1982 Gallery' exhibition in the Dockyard Museum, Falkland Islands

We cover all disciplines from creating interview based films, brand messaging, story-telling short films, kickstarter and crowdfunding ‘explainer’ films, charity sponsorship videos, event coverage and promotions. We also work in tight collaboration with clients, PR agencies, research and marketing experts to produce the right video content to tell your story, share your message and support an integrated marketing campaign.

The heart behind Fatcalf is to create persuasive and captivating video and film content by employing our abilities in high quality film production. We are passionate in finding exciting and innovative ways to tell the story, whether it’s for you or your brand. In-house we cover camera operators, audio engineer, crew, editing, music, scriptwriting and performance direction. We also work with additional skilled motion graphics artists, aerial cinematography pilots, actors, presenters and VO artists.

Some recipes for creating great content can be re-purposed but we always bring our creative and technical knowledge to find the best way to tell your story and make sure it gets seen and heard.


We understand that everyone has a unique message or story and every brand will have it’s own, unique position.


Why Use Video?

Video has become the human’s preferred mode of processing information these days, and has now become one of the most powerful marketing and storytelling tools. Below we answer the question “why?”…

  • Why Use Video For Business?

    If you’re offering a service or product video is an opportunity to show customers what you have to offer and stand out from the crowd. Potential customers can be welcomed ‘behind the front door’ and experience the quality of your work, your staff and the array of goods you have to offer… all from their armchair.

    We aim to create marketing and corporate videos that are informative, creative, persuasive, inspiring, engaging. A great benefit for you is that producing this powerful content that can be employed on websites, through social media, and even in the cinema or on TV is now more cost effective than ever before.

    Fatcalf FIlm Shoot

    Film set for the pieces to camera for 5 x Hansford Bell Chartered Financial Planners films for their new website

    Cinema has told stories and engaged viewers for a century and the best films capture ‘tone’ and ‘story’ and mix it with great scripts and engaging visuals. Whether your business is a service or a product, your loyal and potential customers want to know who you are and why you do what you do. If they are eating at a restaurant, they want to know that you care about their food. If you are an estate agent, selling their house, they want to know that you will sell it well.

    There are further benefits to be had with film and video for increasing your visibility online and improving your SEO. Companies spend lots of money on improving rankings for Google (the biggest search engine on the planet) but how much time and effort has your business put into the 2nd biggest search engine, YouTube?

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  • Why Should The Individual Use Video?

    Maybe you’re fundraising, looking for crowdfunding, founding a kickstarter project or maybe you’re a singer, actor or musician needing a quality showreel… Whatever you’re doing, video can really help you raise your profile and tell your story.

    Fatcalf | Russ Baylis Kayak

    Russell Baylis raised well over £7,000 after making a short explainer film with Fatcalf. Originally he hoped he would raise £2,000…

    We were delighted to have helped Russell Baylis to let people know about his endeavour to compete in a Kayak Marathon and raise money through sponsorship for an orphanage in Zimbabwe who had no access to clean running water. Russ hoped to raise somewhere around £2,000 for the Harvest Family Village but after the film was made, shared online and used as a counterpoint for appeals in person, Russ raised £7,000 to drill several bore holes, install pumps and piping and bring life-giving water to children that really needed it.

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  • Why Use Video For Organisations?

    Films and videos have the power to educate, enthuse and gather people behind a cause. Sometimes it’s about telling stories that resonate, real people sharing about real events, and other times it can be as simple as capturing and showing footage that demonstrates the heart and message in a nutshell. Whatever your organisation does, video can be the key to communicate the goals, values and truths central to the cause.

    This can lead to fruitful outcomes in bringing like-minded people together, raising finances or reaching out to the very cause that your organisation exists for. If you need it, Fatcalf can help to distill the core message of what your organisation does and how that can be portrayed.

    Plymouth BID Seagulls

    A few years ago the many Plymouth city centre coffee shops / cafe’s / restaurants were exasperated at the problems they were having with seagulls. Seagulls were, reportedly, becoming a real danger to customers, their staff, public walking by and to the businesses themselves. Plymouth City Council were petitioned after the local businesses had poured thousands of pounds into trying to ward off the birds and protect their livelihoods to no avail. We were commissioned by the organisation to gather evidence of the problems, document it and provide a way to present it to the City Council. After a few hours filming of seagulls dive-bombing many different people in lots of locations, Plymouth City Council agreed to spend up to £250,000 to change the city centre roofs and encourage the seagulls to nest and congregate elsewhere. It really is amazing what video can do…

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If you’re not yet harnessing the power of video marketing, get in touch to discuss how we can best help your business reach it’s full potential.

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