In 2017 Fatcalf was asked to help our esteemed client, Hansford Bell Chartered Financial Planners to communicate something that usually takes a lecture or a lengthy tome to get across… preferably in a leaflet!

Well, that was a challenge we accepted and went to work to come up with a format that feels handy yet worthwhile and won’t be thrown away, a ‘tone of voice’ that doesn’t feel patronising or too ‘high brow’ and a length of text that is not more than a few minutes to absorb.

Some time ago we had seen a few small hardback books that used succinct and ‘pithy’ text in plenty of white space alongside simple, line-drawn graphics. Some were simple story books aimed at a younger audience (like Mr Men or Winnie The Pooh) others were more along the ‘self help’ or life quotes line, and then there was always Bill Bailey’s made up “Little book of Calm” from the cult TV comedy show “Black Books”.

The Little Book of you for Hansford Bell

Instinctively we knew that the format was right, but could we communicate the offering in that format at a price point for the client that was low enough to enable them to give away the marketing product?

After reading a well written book on the subject, interviewing the key staff at Hansford Bell and watching lectures by luminaries such as George Kinder and Paul Armson, we managed to get to the core of the process and find a way to simplify the concepts without ‘dumbing down’ or glossing over the essential nuggets. This research also gave inspiration for concepting the graphical content which is key to communicating the heart and soul of FLP.

Close up detail shot of The Little Book of You for Hansford Bell

The three icons (Heart, Head and Hand) proved to be a very elegant way of grouping the core process yet allowing them to stay interconnected and integral to each other. The other key graphic element is a stopwatch, encapsulating the urgency and the very need of this valuable process.

A key collaboration on bringing the book to life was local Tavistock printer Dartprint. Their way of finding solutions to print problems and delivering short runs at Nationally competitive price points really completed the circle to bring the product to life.

Inside spread of The Little Book of You

Hansford Bell’s Founding Director, Steve Marker, was delighted when we delivered the first box of 50 of these beautiful little books, commenting “Fantastic work! We had a lot of things we wanted to say in this book, but we were just not able to put it all together. Basically we could not see the “wood for the trees”! You have skilfully scripted the essence of the relevant points, in an imaginative way and produced something we are all very proud of!” Talking about the success of the book as a marketing tool, Steve went on to say “We hand these out at seminars and initial client meetings. A great way of explaining how Financial Life Planning works and the benefits to our client’s lives. We are confident that the initial set up costs have been repaid many times over!”

A lovely project to work on and a beautiful outcome on all levels. What more can we say? Thanks to Hansford Bell for the work.


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