Do you ever walk past a businesses front door and not know what’s going on inside? Imagine being able to walk into a pub, see the lay of the land, spy what’s on tap, almost smell the quality of the food… without leaving your arm chair!

Just think how prepared you’ll be to go and enjoy this beautiful, award winning Gastro pub with not only the best drinks St Austell can supply, but also some of the best food cooked in Tavistock by passionate and well organised chefs.

Fatcalf Cornish Arms

When we met with the owners we agreed that the film should be less that 2 minutes long and should have a distinct cinematic feel, allowing the beauty of the building, the quality of service and the amazing food to shine for themselves as much as possible. We wanted to add movement and depth to the shots and allow them to breathe with music that we all felt would lend itself to the weightlessness of the lifting movements.

‘Contemporary yet timeless’ is a feeling that resounds around The Cornish Arms in many respects. Steeped in history as a renowned Coaching Inn this business is still very much a benchmark in the glorious town of Tavistock. We believe we have really done it justice in this short promo

We are incredibly passionate about what we do and hope this film gives you a glimpse into the beauty that the restaurant, bar and garden have to offer. John Hooker, Proprietor

This film is on The Cornish Arms YouTube channel here

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