Have you ever been to a wedding without a camera? No, I haven’t either!

I’ll happily share my snaps on Facebook or even wonder if the bride and groom might like to use my shots in their album or whatever… But how much did I organise people to be in the right place at the right time in the right mood, with a big smile on their faces? Well, that’s where a wedding photographer worth their salt comes in.

Neil Adams 2


Did you hear about the flowers not turning up? Did you know that the best man had lost his shoes? Were you aware of the bridesmaids car breaking down? These are just some of the scenarios that Neil Adams Photography have stepped in and sorted over and above, gently guiding groups into the right place, liaising with the minister or master of ceremonies, and making sure he has fully briefed the Bride and Groom, the Best Man, the parents….

We’ve all seen some awful wedding photographers getting angry with people, annoying the lovely couple, refusing to do this and that and even trying to ban the guests camera snapping… But Neil Adams (along with some other top quality wedding photographers) will solve problems instead. That is, indeed, what he does…

Neil Adams

The interview pieces were shot in the photography studio and the black and white footage was Fatcalf crew following Neil around while he worked for 4 hours with a Canon DSLR on a shoulder rig. The bride and groom were very generous to allow us to film some of the background working preparation that goes into their special day.

So raise a glass with us to the one’s that make the guests family snaps and Facebook shares look great without us even realising…

This film is on Neil Adams Photography YouTube channel here

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