Have you ever considered that Vikings may have done us some good turns during their time with us? If Britain hadn’t been open to their seafaring and trading skills, we may never have ruled the waves.

Our time with the vikings wasn’t all sweetness and light, that’s understood, but it’s possible that they were not only more battle-savvy than us but they had already navigated many of the oceans, discovered North America and established worldwide trading links we had no idea abut.

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall are renowned for great exhibitions in the South West of England and this one focusses on the technological, structural, navigational and forward thinking heritage left to us by our Scandinavian friends.

Viking 2

Fatcalf was chosen to craft content for storytelling audio points, atmospheric soundscapes, film based tutorials on boat building and navigation and artwork for a suite of touchscreen information points.

Falmouth Maine School Student - Viking Voyagers

First stop was to film students and their tutor at Falmouth Marine School during their project to build a Viking Faering boat with traditional tools and skills. We came out with 6 x interviews and lots of footage of them using the only tools they were allowed to use on the beautifully shaped boat they were building.

Sir Robin Knox Johnston - NMMC Viking Voyagers

Next, it was off to Plymouth to film the iconic Sir Robin Knox Johnston telling us all about how mariners were able to navigate before the invention of the magnetic compass. Stars, wildlife, waves, winds all gave clues  but the only accurate way of staying on track in daylight was the Sun Compass.

Falmouth Maine School Students - Viking Voyagers

In the meantime we had engaged a team of voice over artists with a particular set of skills. They had to deliver great character, wonderful tone, spot on timing, and, a range of perfect Scandinavian accents. Working over the phone or on Skype directing Denmark, Norway and Sweden based voice over artists was a time-consuming but lovely experience.

Viking 1

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