From a small studio in little old Tavistock, Devon, Fatcalf have played a key role in both the Museum and the National Trust on a little old island 8,000 miles away…

From a chance meeting with a Director of Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust over lunch at a conference, to a sub-contract for them through a Heritage Interpretation company, to becoming their go-to branding and design agency, we’re finding it a little tricky to fathom how this has all come to be.

Historic Dockyard Museum 1982 Gallery
Fatcalf created this centrepiece film for the 1982 Gallery
Antarctic Heritage exhibition
A Fatcalf Film created for the Antarctic exhibition at the Historic Dockyard Museum

The work for FIMNT started in 2014 with a commission to create a centrepiece film for their 1982 Gallery. The title of the film was to be “Through Children’s Eyes” and the idea was to record interviews with many of the Islanders who lived through the conflict with their families, find a loosely chronological narrative from all those interviews and weave in just about all photographs and footage that could be found and audio of the invasion starting, live on Falklands Radio.

There was about 30 hours of interview audio to wander through and find the elements that told the story cohesively and allowed the arc of the 74 days of occupation and conflict to flow chronologically… We also had over 100 minutes of ITN footage, over 300 photographs, and even special agreement to use Argentine military footage. The only slight problem? All this needed to fit in a 10 minute film. Some sterling help to achieve this came in from team members at Imagemakers and some long conversations with the client at FIMNT.

The Gallery and in particular, the film, were incredibly well received by clients, Islanders and visitors and has become a bit of a mainstay on people feeding back their experience of the Museum and the Islands on TripAdvisor. So many reviews go on to talk about “that film” in the Museum. The Director at the time, Leona Roberts commented about visitor experience of watching the film, “Tim, thank you once again for your really wonderful work on this. We may have to have a box of tissues on standby in the corner of the 1982 gallery…”

A year or so after completing this film and other Audio Visual work at the Museum, I was asked to take a look at the FIMNT branding, Museum guide brochure, business cards, presentation folders and, most recently, a fundraising prospectus for a new, very large addition to the Museum. The work has seen a photoshoot (directed over Skype would you believe…), conceptual design, branding advice, copywriting and engagement advice, hours upon hours of design work, print management and hitting some rather difficult shipping deadlines.

Fatcalf | Falklands Prospectus
Prospectus to help raise awareness and funds for the Historic Dockyard Museum
Fatcalf | Falklands Business Cards
Elegant business card with fresh typography and continuing the use of imagery to communicate the essence of the organisation.
Fatcalf | Falklands Folder
Multi-purpose presentation folder that embodies the essence of the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust
Fatcalf | Falklands Museum Brochure
Beautiful and handy, this A5 concertina-fold brochure tells you all about the Historic Dockyard Museum

Thanks to everyone at Imagemakers who helped to make the film and to all at FIMNT for the ongoing work, encouragement and for coping with the 4 hour time difference….

Watch Through Children’s Eyes on YouTube

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