Fatcalf - 9lessons album cover

This is now the 3rd album cover finished and selling well for BBC Radio 2 showcased singer/songwriter Gareth Davies-Jones. This one has a very unique design to it both visually and physically, it’s a single sheet of quality stock paper which is folded in such a way that it becomes a real Christmas present tied at the side with beautiful twine. Opening up the present reveals the CD inside along with a beautiful photograph and nicely typographed album details.

Fatcalf - 9lessons album cover detail

Fatcalf was commissioned to come up with the whole concept from the start to launch the album for Gareth. We’ve added some stunning and uniques elements which have won us a lot of praise from all of his followers and concert goers during his “Ninelessons” tour this December… These were printed by the wonderful Dartprint in Tavistock by Fatcalf specifications.

This time we even deliver Christmas presents…

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