There is a need for young people on the Autistic Spectrum that isn’t being adequately addressed… until now!

Moving from the education system to employment can be difficult and stressful step for any young person. There are arguments about how well we are prepared to leave the institution and join the ‘big boys’ in an unknown workplace environment, each with it’s own ‘rules’, ‘foibles’ and ‘etiquette’. This can be difficult to navigate for anyone, but if you are suffering with autism (a very broad and personalised spectrum of problems which can be quite different for every sufferer) then this transition can become a mine-field.

Advancing Autism is a UK charity setup by medical professionals with a passion for helping those diagnosed with Autism and the specific impairments that this condition can bring to each individual. The goal is to support each young person and those that care for them as they transition from education to employment in a tailored way that give the best opportunity for each individual to thrive. Advancing Autism also seeks to help employers to consider how to allow people on the spectrum to flourish and become a real asset to the business.

Fatcalf | Advancing Autism - Mission Statement

My job in this arena was to give Advancing Autism a visual presence that immediately engages not only the person on the spectrum, but also their family, all potential employers and the educators. The font was chosen for it’s open readability and impact as well as the smooth, flowing lines, softening the impact a little. The right facing arrow / triangle points to an incisive future and the perspective that may help us go the distance. The orientation of the triangle hints to a future that may be quite unique and certainly bespoke, not the obvious arrow pointer, the right way for one is not necessarily appropriate for another.

Fatcalf | Advancing Autism 3

The colour is a vibrant orange / yellow that speaks of ambition and well-being. We want people to engage with a charity that has a method to bring answers to problems and to guide a purposeful and unique pathway for each client.

Fatcalf | Advancing Autism 2

Clients and trailblazers are encouraged to share their story, focussing on the pathway, journey and achievements (personal and vocational) as inspiration for those embarking on the transition. Photography and film content is to echo the focus in the story, with the use of short depth of field to allow the journeying and achievement to stand out and be celebrated.


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