Financial Life Planning in less than 3 minutes? We can do that.

For the last 3 years we’ve been helping chartered accountants financial planners Hansford Bell with their marketing, brand position and video content. After producing a very successful marketing tool fro them called “The little book of you.” they asked Fatcalf to take this a step further and to create a film that explains Financial Life Planning (FLP) in the same way on screen.

Grasping the challenge of creating an animated film explaining FLP in a short, succinct and engaging way, we went to work on distilling the little book down further into 3 sections of 10 short lines (each line being between 3 and 10 words) and thinking of new graphic ways to communicate all the hundreds of words we threw out!

The resulting film is less than 3 minutes long and is having quite an effect on Hansford Bell’s customers. MD Chris Palmer told us “We show the film at the beginning of every consultation with all our new clients. The response is often emotional. When we showed the film to our employees for the first time when Fatcalf has finished it, we had tears in the room.”

Using Davinci Resolve to create the animated sequences and Adobe inDesign to create the graphic elements has been a seamless workflow. The base layer of the music came from a stock site but we were able to add weight and detail to the music with arpeggios, keyboards and drum samples along with subtle sound effects that support the visuals.

Client storyboard for animated film

Throughout the film and the book, the core branding of Hansford Bell has been respected and applied all the way from the fonts, through the colour swatch to the ‘tone of voice’ of the text. We also made sure we respected the balance and relationship of the graphic elements (leading, kerning, white space, etc) and the ‘breathing space’ in terns of timing of the sequences allowing the viewer to absorb the information.

When asked if everything was going well with the film, Chris Palmer said “It’s perfect. Coupled with the book it is the best, most succinct and impactful explanation of FLP we’ve seen.”

You can watch the video on Hansford Bell’s home page here:

You can see photos and a write up about “the little book of you.” here.

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