Tavistock Heritage Films – September 2015

Fatcalf was commissioned by Tavistock Business Improvement District to deliver 9 x 3 minute films that act both as a guide around the World Heritage Site of Tavistock and as an online draw for people to come and explore this amazing town. The films are to be included on Tavistock’s tourism website www.visit-tavistock.co.uk and on a GPS based smartphone app that delivers geographically related video content automatically.

Fatcalf wrote the scripts in collaboration with local historian, Andrew Thompson and filmed all the footage of the town and 9 x pieces to camera that start each film. Delivering the opening welcome to each film and the narration throughout was the wonderful Emily Wood who currently works with the weather forecasting team and presents for Spotlight at the BBC in Plymouth. The vast majority of historic photographs, illustrations and drawings were kindly donated by Tavistock Museum who worked with Fatcalf to fulfil the storyboard and shot list, allowing the audio and visuals to tell important and intriguing stories in such a short space of time.

Apart from the usual trials when making films (weather, permission, health and safety, enabling everyone to work together, etc) the most difficult part of creating these films was timing the pieces to camera with Emily to make sure we didn’t get too much ambient noise coming in to the films (cars, lorries, pedestrians, hard working Council staff and vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, cyclists, reversing beepers and even the good old river Tavy itself…).

When the drafts went in front of the client team, the compliment and the clean bill of health (with no changes) was a welcome blessing, it means we did a great job!

The films are finished and are currently being deployed online and for the app. In the meantime here’s some stills from the films.

Tavistock 3

Tavistock 1

Tavistock 2

You can watch them all online on Tavistock BID’s self-curated YouTube channel here

The films are fantastic! I can think of so many ways we can use them…

Lisa Piper, Manager, Tavistock Business Improvement District

National Maritime Museum Cornwall – Viking Voyagers AV

Fatcalf produced all audio and video work for this amazing new exhibition including artwork for the informative and immersive touchscreens. From travelling to Portsmouth to interview the iconic Sir Robin Knox Johnston to following student boat makers in Falmouth as they build a Viking Faering in the traditional klinker style, the visual content was fascinating to film and edit. Most of the audio is centred around Fatcalf’s directing of some stunning Scandinavian voice over artists as they bring to life the characters of those who would trade, sail, fight and build a thousand or more years ago.

Sir Robin Knox Johnston - NMMC Viking Voyagers

Viking 2

Viking 1

The exhibition is very much ongoing at the moment at the Museum. To find out more visit:  www.nmmc.co.uk
Read more about the project from Fatcalf here

“I’ve just watched the film and am absolutely delighted – it’s very moving and exactly the right tone”

David Revell, Creative Head, Imagemakers Design & Consulting

Falkland Islands – Port Stanley Museum Centrepiece Films

Shortlisted for Museum & Heritage 2015 awards, the new Falkland Islands Museum tells the stories of the islands and the people particularly in regards to the British Antarctic explorations and, of course, the 1982 war with Argentina. The centrepiece film for the 1982 Gallery focusses on recollections of islanders who lived through the occupation as children which is a powerful story and a piece that Fatcalf is very proud to have made. Also in the gallery are 2 ‘talking photo albums’ populated with some iconic photographs and pieces of art. In the Antarctic Gallery is a film about the outposts and explorations of the Antarctic continent and how life was sustained in difficult conditions and ground breaking work was carried out.

Falkland 1

In the Antarctic Gallery is a film about the outposts and explorations of the Antarctic continent and how life was sustained in difficult conditions and ground breaking work was carried out.

Falkland 2

For more information on this Museum please visit: www.falklandislands.com

Thank you once again for your really wonderful work on this. We may have to have a box of tissues on standby in the corner of the 1982 gallery…

Leona Roberts, Museum Manager, Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust

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Swiss Garden Audio Trail and Centrepiece Film

Swiss Gardens 1

Love how this all ties together! We’re entering the Swiss Garden into the AHI Awards

Matthew Jones, Project Manager & Consultant, Imagemakers Interpretive Design & Consulting

White Hill & Borden – Eco-Town AV


Thanks so much for doing the films for us – it went down a treat!

Lydia Forbes-Manson, Communications & Marketing Officer, East Hampshire District Council

I Tweet Dead People

Bangle Lady 1

The Bangle Lady is brought back to life! Flesh on the bones! This enables us to add layers to interpret our objects and has made it a fantastic project for us!

Natalie McCaul, Assistant Curator of Archaeology, Yorkshire Museum

Well done chaps, Brilliant stuff!! I like the way she comes across and the dualism of her role – Perfect!

Stephany Leach, Research Fellow, University of Exeter

The Tank Museum – Battlegroup Afghanistan AV

Write up to come…

Tank Museum 1

The finished result is terrific and all the soldiers who have been round have commented on how realistic it is.

David Willey, Curator, The Tank Museum

The lovely people at Imagemakers have given me permission to post the following work I was involved with during my 8 years with them. Of course, the work depicted here calls in a wider team than just myself (script writing, project management, etc).

Harvington Hall AV…

Shot entirely on location at the Hall, the trailer below is taken from a 15minute film depicting the lives of some of the estate workers and gives a snapshot of how life was at Harvington back in the 18th Century. The role I was asked to fulfil was to direct, composite, edit and master the film as well as manage and give creative input to a team of film crew on the filming days. From concept to delivery, the wider team worked hard to get the best possible outcome from the agreed budget, the amateur actors and the constraints of shooting in a historic building. The result is something we are all very proud of and I am grateful to have been so involved in the final product.

Caistor Audio Trail…

This expertly written audio trail was created to interpret the now virtually non-existent Roman town of Venta Icenorum at Caistor St Edmund in Norfolk. My role here was to bring the words on the page to life, sourcing and directing the right voice actor for the part, adding sound effects and creating the correct ambience for each area of the town. We are guided through the town as it was in the 4th Century by Roman Councillor and wannabe socialite ‘Gaius Neepos’. He takes us along busy streets and market places, into quiet temples and prominent buildings and on into the social centrepiece of Roman life, the town baths… The immersive tour is highlighted by attention to audio detail and some stunning writing which often throws in a subtle comedic slant. The trail is delivered via Imagemakers own “Mobitour” product, delivering the tour live via mobile phone.

Caistor Audio Trail – Sample 1

Caistor Audio Trail – Sample 2

Ashridge Estate Audio Trail…

As has been usual with Imagemakers’ audio and video work, I was tasked with bringing the designed trail and it’s script to life for the Estates visitors. Characterised stops were created taking in the different areas of the Estate and their historical significance. From Hussar soldiers returning home from war to talking Beech trees recanting 100 years of life in one spot, the audio segments allow the visitor to engage with their surroundings in a unique way. The sample below is a particluar highlight of the tour and draws inspiration from the Ents in Tolkeins Lord of The Rings. Bringing a Beech tree to life was a real challenge and required some intricate and painstaking audio manipulation and actor direction to achieve…

Ashridge Estate Trail – “Fristhden Beach Tree” Sample

I am very grateful to Imagemakers for allowing me to include the above samples which have been produced as part of project teams, but which also showcase many of my audio and film production skills. Imagemakers are now a valued ongoing client of Fatcalf Media

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