Design is all about communication. Branding is all about emotions and feelings.

National Trust logo vs Branding

Imagine if you saw the oak leaf logo for The National Trust for the first time on a blank piece of paper; what would it ‘mean’ to you? Is it just a nicely drawn picture of an oak leaf? Perhaps you might even think it’s something to do with a tree surgery business? Chances are, if you are seeing it for the first time it won’t have a ‘meaning’. The truth of course is that the National Trust logo embodies lots of feelings, emotions, memories, loving care for built, natural and social heritage. So how did all that come into a logo of an oak leaf? This is the difference between Graphic Design (creating the oak leaf logo) and Branding (creating and associating all the emotions to that logo).

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all about communication, and it’s all around you. From brushing your teeth and choosing a breakfast cereal, to seeing the road signs whilst driving home in the evening from the gym you’ll find yourself looking at the work of a graphic designer all day long. Care is taken by any graphic designer worth their salt to communicate the message they are asked to convey effectively and elegantly. Colours, fonts, graphic devices (rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, swishes, swooshes, etc, etc), photography, illustration, text, etc are all elements of graphic design to be considered and ordered in an appropriate form. Good use of graphic design can make your day easier and life seem better. Poor use of it can give you a headache and even start wars…

Tavistock Town Guide 2016 map


Branding is a process of creating a unique name, image and persona for a product, business, organisation. The aim is to evoke a feeling in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising, so that the brand engages the customer with a consistent, cohesive theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

The process for creating a brand is based on these 5 vital steps:

  1. Knowledge – Market Research / Business analysis
  2. Plan – Develop a Strategy (your Business Plan)
  3. Look – Design Identity (logo, colours, photography, etc)
  4. Feel – Create Touchpoints (writing style, website, business card, video, uniform, etc)
  5. Do it – Put all the above assets to work to further the business and engage your customers

One of the most important words we use at Fatcalf is “Cohesion“. The way you communicate to your customers should look and feel the same whether they are reading your website, seeing an advert, watching a promotional video, visiting your premises or speaking on the phone.

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Fatcalf brings together Graphic Design and Branding to help you communicate and connect with your customers in a cohesive way

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