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When Devon County Council and Tavistock’s Business Improvement District (BID) needed a suite of posters and flyers to promote a public consultation on parking and traffic management in Tavistock, Fatcalf was called on to turn the job round in record time.

The wording was there, the campaign had a name so it was now up to Fatcalf to give the campaign a visual language which would engage the townspeople in an approachable and friendly way. There was only one real catch… it was Monday morning and the client team had to have signage installed by mid-afternoon and the flyers printed and ready before 9am the next day…

This is a run down of how the job went through…

10:00 The call comes in from the client. Text supplied via email.

10:05 The Fatcalf design machine kicks into gear…

10:55 Fatcalf had come up with a concept ready for the client team to look at and make any suggestions. Mockup sent to the client team via email…

11:05 Client emails back with a resounding thumbs-up and no changes to the core concept.

11:10 Fatcalf lay up the finished artwork, typeset the text and ready the files for print at A0 and A4.

11:48 Files are transferred to local sign printers Tavy Signs and local flyer printers Dart Print.

15:00 Signage produced and installed.

19:00 After an already very busy day, Dart Print put in overtime and start printing ready for 08:30 pickup the next day….

09:00 Client team start distributing flyers to business owners and public in Tavistock


We do love to deliver… and we give thanks to our amazing print suppliers.

Of course Fatcalf also had to pull a bit of a late shift too in order to complete all the work that was already scheduled in for that day… All in a day’s work… :O)


Tim Roberts
Creative Head

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