Backdrop is a brand new piece of educational software aimed at primary schools, enabling students and teachers to quickly and simply engage in film making and TV production.

When Fatcalf Media were asked to get involved with the design of  both the software screens, packaging for the software and promotional printed materials we were delighted to work alongside the client to develop a simple, yet elegant design style that perfectly reflects the product.

Part of the job was to come up with a number of large, hi-res images of kids shot on green-screen with a DSLR and overlaid on top of stock backgrounds as marketing material to illustrate what the software does. These were placed in the filmstrip graphic to give an instant, visual sense of what the product is before you even pick up the box. These composites are also purposed for exhibition graphics, powerpoint presentations, printed promotional items, etc.

Most recently we produced a run of gorgeous, high-white A6 card flyers for a recent sales exhibit.
Future touchpoints on the radar for are a re-designed website and an exhibition all designed and created by Fatcalf Media..

Tim Roberts
Creative Head

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