Fatcalf has been working with the team at Cooldigs for a few years now. It all started when owner, Holly, wanted a high visibility exhibition area designed for an expo at Plymouth University. Since then Fatcalf has delivered a logo update and incremental refreshes to the brand identity with the client very much in the driving seat.

We have done extensive research, concepting and development into a bespoke website package that has yet to be fully actioned. This will deliver numerous options for searching Cooldigs’ stunning properties including a searchable photographic slider/book that will make full use of ¬†touch gestures on smartphones and iPads as well as traditional computer based viewing. Users will be able to store properties and compare them before making a decision and booking a viewing.

Most recently, we are currently on the final stages of preparing a new 52 page brochure featuring all the great new houses secured by Cooldigs. The print run of 3000 copies will be managed by Fatcalf ensuring quality and consistency at every stage. We do love to deliver…

Cool Digs Brochoure

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