Beera FarmhouseThis job was a joy to work on. As you can see from the house’s stunning location, half the work of selling this secluded farmhouse Bed & Breakfast is already done.

This glorious and picturesque family run business lives up to the external promise on the inside too. The food is outstanding, the rooms are beautiful and the host, Hilary Tucker, is one of the nicest people you could meet. So actually pulling all these strands together and tying them all into a cohesive brand was simplicity itself. All that was really needed was to reflect the location, warmth, heart and history of the business in the touchpoints and logo created.

We started off with the concept of a striking, well angled photograph of the property ovr which to lay a new logo. The logo we designed took a lead from an existing inscription carved in stone at the gates of the farm. The uppercase serif font conveys a weight and solidity evident in the property and it’s surroundings with the swirl on the “B” adding an air of luxury and flair. So, next came the photography.

Beera Farmhouse photo shoot

We engaged Stephen Durkin to come and deliver the photography for the campaign which was art directed by Fatcalf. We really pulled out all the stops to get the best shot having arrived at 5am to get the light we wanted as well as utilising the owners tractor to get the elevation we needed for the final shot which leads on all the printed and digital touchpoints created. Seeing Stephen being lifted in the bucket of the tractor with all his lenses and equipment was a little nerve-wracking….

Throughout the job, attention to detail was key. From the lighting and mood of the rooms, through to the content management system of the website, right down to the choice of paper stock for the brochure and postcards, this was a job that deserved our time and effort.

Beera Farmhouse Brochure

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